Working Together

When you partner with BOLT our team becomes your team, our experience becomes your experience, our facility becomes your facility, and our expertise becomes your expertise.

We work closely with progressive government agencies, owners, developers, architects, engineers and construction management companies to realize a project vision and delivery with cost certainty, reduced risk and faster return on investment.

Integrating the best of onsite and offsite construction to maximize project value and sustainability


BOLT Offsite offers initial project consultation to interested stakeholders. Consultations are typically fun lively affairs with keen interest around BOLT Offsite design, project integration and delivery. This first step also helps identify the right mix of offsite & onsite construction methods for any given project.

Design Flexibility

BOLT Offsite is driven by your project vision. Our inhouse design team is experienced, talented and up for any challenge. BOLT Offsite for example can build to ten storeys without the need for secondary support systems. Past projects have also included three storey, ninety foot clearspan facilities. Bring your design ideas and let our team work with you to bring the vision to life.


BOLT Offsite construction is just one step enroute to a successful project. BOLT partners with progressive architects, engineers & construction managers to deliver conceptual designs, detailed engineering and local construction knowledge.  By collaborating across disciplines stake holders and owners are able to fully leverage ‘The BOLT Advantage’.

Capacity & Execution

BOLT Offsite techniques allow our partners to build more projects in less time to a higher standard than traditional construction techniques allow. Increased capacity and seamless execution accelerate Return On Investment and the ability to capitalize on opportunities as they present themselves.


BOLT Offsite offers educational seminars and presentations to interested stakeholders to promote awareness and understanding of the benefits of advanced offsite construction methods. BOLT Offsite systems are easy to understand and integrate with your project vision and values.

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