Our values and culture drive our business.  They ensure that client expectations are met and that construction partners are fully integrated into the offsite design and delivery process. Construction is primarily about people; gather the right people with a united vision and successful delivery is assured.

BOLT Offsite embraces offsite design-build methodologies to deliver flexible design solutions that will meet project intent and performance criteria. Flexibility in design and construction methods gives us the unique ability to enhance and exceed the project vision.

Project Types

Whatever your project is we can help...



Schools, healthcare, childcare, municipal, laboratories, military, border & justice


Offices, retail, banks, communications, catering & food services


Low to High rise multifamily, seniors, assisted living & student residences


Housing, control & administrative

Offsite Evolution

Our team has been successfully executing advanced offsite construction projects for over fifteen years. We are a leader in the growth and evolution of offsite construction and we’re dedicated to developing new technologies and adopting new techniques as they emerge and are proven in industry.



Execution is critical to any project. We work closely with our partners from design concept to project completion to ensure no detail is missed and that we deliver on our promise of faster Return on Investment, cost certainty and reduced risk.



We add value to each project through innovation, integrated design and seamless execution. Combining innovative and proven offsite and onsite construction techniques delivers the competitive advantage for our partners and clients.

Design Build Integration

To deliver an integrated offsite design-build project, great partners, experience and execution are essential.

Bringing the very best in architectural, engineering, manufacturing, site construction and executive management, our core team consistently designs, builds and delivers the most advanced offsite projects.

The integrated design-build approach means that from design concept to project completion no detail is missed and all of the ‘BOLT Offsite Advantage’ metrics are achieved for the project.

Bolt Office

Team Work

What sets BOLT Offsite apart and allows us to deliver the best results in the industry is not just our technology and process but our people and expertise.

Visit our 130,000 Sqft facility in Calgary, Alberta and you will be instantly impressed by the facility, its build methods, process, quality control and attention to detail. By the time you leave you will be even more impressed by our people and the passion they bring everyday to innovate and drive change through the organization. Every member of our team is challenged and in turn encouraged to challenge the organization to do a better job than the day before.

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